115+ Anime Pickup Lines for Haikyuu, Naruto & hxh in 2023

Flirting and starting a conversation with someone you like can be a nerve-wracking experience, but one effective way to break the ice is by mentioning shared interests. If you and your crush are both anime fans, incorporating anime-inspired pickup lines into your conversation can be a fun and engaging way to connect with them. Anime, a genre of Japanese animated movies and TV shows, offers a wide range of themes, from action-packed adventures to romantic comedies, making it a versatile source for pickup lines.

To impress your crush, take some time to familiarize yourself with popular anime series like Naruto, Haikyuu, Hunter x Hunter, and others, as mentioned in the post. However, if you’re not well-versed in anime, don’t worry! The post claims to have compiled over 150 best pickup lines related to various anime, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

If your crush is into romantic gestures, you might find charming and sweet pickup lines based on popular romance anime like OreGairu (SNAFU Teen Romantic Comedy) or Detective Conan. On the other hand, if your crush enjoys humor, there are funny and cheesy anime pickup lines available for use. Keep in mind that some anime fans might have a preference for dark humor, so the post suggests “Funny Anime Pickup Lines” that cater to this taste.

The anime-inspired pickup lines cover a diverse range of anime, including Dragon Ball, Death Note, and Pokémon, appealing to those who have been fans of the genre for a long time. Additionally, if your crush is an “old school girl,” there are anime Pokémon pickup lines, which might resonate with their nostalgic feelings. For those seeking a more thrilling approach, the post offers “Killing Pickup Lines” related to anime, although it’s important to use these lines in a lighthearted and playful manner, understanding that they revolve around fictional elements.

It’s important to remember that a pickup line is just an icebreaker and not a guaranteed way to win someone’s affection. Sincerity, genuine interest, and respectful communication are vital when attempting to connect with someone through shared interests. Before trying out any of these pickup lines, it’s essential to gauge your crush’s receptiveness and ensure they are comfortable with such interactions.

Intriguing Anime Pickup Lines for Haikyuu, Naruto, and HxH

  1. “Spiking love notes, straight to your heart. 🏐 #HaikyuuLove”
  2. “Shadow Clone Jutsu? More like Heart Clone Jutsu. ❤️ #NarutoRomance”
  3. “Sharingan captured your image. It’s love. 💖 #NarutoFlirt”
  4. “Chasing you, not the volleyball. #HaikyuuHeartbeats 🏐”
  5. “I’ll always ‘set’ you up for happiness. 🏐❤️ #HaikyuuLines”
  6. “Rasengan! Spiraling towards love. #NarutoLoveStory”
  7. “Hunter’s License to love you. #HxHAdventures 💖”
  8. “Nen ability: Capturing hearts. 💘 #HxHCaptions”
  9. “Believe it, you’re my mission. #NarutoLoveLines ❤️”
  10. “You, my rare card. #HunterXHunterLove 💌”
  11. “Wanna volley ‘our’ hearts? 🏐💕 #HaikyuuHeartstrings”
  12. “With you, life’s a winning match. #HaikyuuPickUpLines 🥇”
  13. “For you, I’ll break my limits. 💪 #NarutoLines”
  14. “Let’s explore love’s unknown lands. #HxHJourneys 🌍”
  15. “In my eyes, you’re the Hokage. ❤️ #NarutoAdmiration”
  16. “Serving you, love aces. 🏐 #HaikyuuCrush”
  17. “A ninja’s vow, to protect you. 💖 #NarutoPromise”
  18. “In your gaze, I’m hunted. 🎯 #HxHLoveLines”
  19. “Ace of my heart’s team. #HaikyuuCupid 🏐❤️”
  20. “Jutsu to entwine our destinies. 💫 #NarutoMagic”
  21. “Spike, Set, Love. 🏐 #HaikyuuRomance”
  22. “You’re the treasure I’d hunt. 💰 #HunterXHunterGoals”
  23. “Chidori, spark our love. ⚡ #NarutoPickupLines”
  24. “My love, as constant as Kurama. 🦊 #NarutoConfessions”
  25. “I’m lost, in your eyes. #HxHSpellbound 😍”
  26. “Nets aren’t the only things I fall into. #HaikyuuCaptions 🏐”
  27. “For you, I’d brave the Chunin exams. #NarutoDevotion 💪”
  28. “In our story, you’re the ace. 🏐💕 #HaikyuuDreams”
  29. “You’re worth every Nen point. 💘 #HxHRomance”
  30. “Want to ‘set’ off on a love adventure? 🏐💖 #HaikyuuJourneys”
  31. “Gon, find love with me. #HunterXHunterInvitations”
  32. “Ramen dates? Only with you. 🍜 #NarutoNoodles”
  33. “Our hearts, the perfect team. 🏐💕 #HaikyuuPairs”
  34. “My love’s jutsu, unbreakable. 💖 NarutoUnyielding”
  35. “Together, we’re a power couple. #HunterXHunterDuo 💪”
  36. “Caught in your love’s net. #HaikyuuLoveTraps 🕸️”
  37. “Jutsu stronger than Tsunade’s strength, my love. #NarutoPassion 💪”
  38. “I see a future with you. #HunterXHunterProphecy 💫”
  39. “Will you be my Kage? #NarutoAdoration 👑”
  40. “Your love hits harder than a spike. #HaikyuuConfessions 🏐”
  41. “Let’s create our own village, together. #NarutoFantasies 🏞️”
  42. “You, my most successful hunt. #HunterXHunterVictory 🎯”
  43. “Match point: our love. 🏐 #HaikyuuWinning”
  44. “With you, no need for Sage Mode. #NarutoWisdom 🧙”
  45. “Will you hunt dreams with me? #HunterXHunterQuestion 💭”
  46. “With you, every match is a victory. #HaikyuuCelebrations 🥳”
  47. “Our love, stronger than a Rasenshuriken. #NarutoPower 💥”
  48. “Unlocking my heart’s level. #HunterXHunterKeys 🔐”
  49. “In the court of love, you’re my MVP. 🏐 #HaikyuuChampions”
  50. “Our love story, the best arc. #NarutoEpics 🌟”

10 Short Anime Pick Up Lines

  1. Are you a Wing Spiker? Cause you make my pulse spike too!
  2. That’s not a kunai in my pocket, y’know. (Naruto)
  3. Show me your Bankai, big boy. (Tite Kubo)
  4. I’m damn good. Believe it!
  5. I don’t need 99 souls. All I need is yours.
  6. Did you like Ghostory? How about making our story?
  7. You seem a bit stiff, but I still got wood. (Yamato)
  8. You’re kawaii as hell.
  9. You’re softer than a dakimakura boo.
  10. Is your name Cana? Um, Cana call you mine.

Killing Pickup Lines related to Anime

With various kind of Anime available, it creates opportunities for great talk! Try these Killing Pickup Lines related to Anime and impress your crush.

  1. Excuse me, is your name Hina? Because I think I’m in love.
  2. Roses are red, violets are blue, omae wa mo shindeiru
  3. Damn, girl, you must be a hollow. You make my zanpaku-to go bankai.
  4. Sometimes my friends call me Speed Racer, because adventure’s always waiting just ahead.
  5. I’d perform a human transmutation to see you one last time
  6. Baby they call me Diedara because I’m going to explode all over your face.
  7. You’re softer than a dakimakura boo
  8. I give better tongue than Deidera. But you’ll have to see for yourself.

The Best Anime Pickup Lines

Use these funny pickup lines on anyone who is a fan of anime. They’ll help you land the boy or girl of your dreams!

  1. Hey darling, I must be in Infinite Tsukuyomi, cause you’re like a dream come true. (Naruto)
  2. Do you have a pen? So I can write your virginity in my death note. (Death Note)
  3. Our love is over 9000. Know what I am Saiyan? (Dragon Ball)
  4. Do you believe in fate? How about you stay the night? (Fate)
  5. Are you a trap card? Because I’ve Fallen for you. (Yu-Gi-Oh)
  6. Baby, you can call me Luffy, because I’ll bend anyway you want me to. (One Piece)
  7. I don’t need 99 souls. All I need is yours. (Soul Eater)
  8. Did you like Ghostory? How about making our story? (Ghostory)
  9. You’re hotter than the Amaterasu. (Naruto)
  10. I know a mystery even Detective Conan can’t solve: The mystery of how you got so damn beautiful! (Case Closed)

Dragon Ball Anime Pickup Lines

Pickup Lines taken from this classical Chinese Anime, Dragon Ball will surely get their attention.

  1. Ooh, has anyone ever told you that you look just like Kirito?
  2. After all this is over, I’m going to have 99 virgins, but you won’t be one.
  3. I’ll be Naruto for you Hinata.
  4. You seem a bit stiff, but I still got wood.
  5. Gun DAM, you are FINE girl!
  6. Would you mind if i thirst my dark magician’s staff deep down inside your dark hole?
  7. I’d trade an arm and a leg to get a piece of your philosopher’s stone.
  8. How’d you like to see my kunai?
  9. Hashirama: I could show you a special kind of mokuton jutsu in private if you’d like.
  10. Deidara: I don’t have tongues coming out of my hand for not hing you know

Hilarious Anime Pickup Lines

Don’t be afraid to send your crush memes from your favorite anime. If you’re not sure how to start off a text to them, feel free to use any of these pickup lines on your crush:

  1. Girl have you mastered the Rasengan? Because every time your hand touches me you make me dizzy. (Naruto)
  2. Zoro has the three sword style. But I’m really good with my one sword. (One Piece)
  3. You must be better than Kuuhaku. Because when I first saw you, you already won my heart. (No Game No Life)
  4. If I just had a Geass, I’d command you to be mine. (Code Geass)
  5. Call me All Might cause I’m just looking to Texas Smash. (My Hero Academia)
  6. Something is rising and it isn’t the shield hero. (The Rising of the Shield Hero)
  7. I wish I was a demon because I really want you to slay me tonight. (Demon Slayer)
  8. Are you a Wing Spiker? Cause you make my pulse spike too! (Haikyuu)
  9. Are you a part of the phantom thieves? Because you just stole my heart. (Persona 5)
  10. Is your name Erza? Cause my cheeks go Scarlet when I think of you. (Fairy Tale)

Cringe Anime Pickup Lines on Death Note

Death Note Pickup lines can work perfectly on a high school intelligent crush. It will be best to use these Anime Lines because these lines perfectly match their personality.

  1. Your name must be Kimmimaro because you give me a boner.
  2. Are you Kanie Seiya, because you’re a ten.
  3. Jutsu’s ain’t the only thing these hands are good for.
  4. Are you a trap card? Because I’ve fallen for you.
  5. They call me a terrorist, because I got this weapon of ass destruction.
  6. Are you a tuner monster? Because you’re powering up my Syncro.
  7. Ever notice how “End of Evangelion” and “Let’s Get It On” rhyme?
  8. NeoTokyo must be in trouble, because I’m looking at an angel right.
  9. You’re kawaii as hell.
  10. You can ride with me anytime baby and i’m not talking about motorcycles.

Cheesy Anime Pickup Lines

If you both like anime, you’ll both appreciate cheesy pickup lines inspired by your favorite anime characters. Here are a few that are bound to impress fellow anime fans:

  1. Do you have the Byakugaan, because it feels like you can see right through my Heart. (Naruto)
  2. Is your name Levi? Because I love you GAJEEL-ION times more than Jet and Droy. (Fairy Tale)
  3. Jeagar on the streets, Titan in the bed. (Attack on Titan )
  4. You’re the hospital bed for my Deku. (My Hero Academia)
  5. I was just checking you out from across the room with my Sharingan. (Naruto)
  6. Are you Chisaki? Because I wanna Detroit smash you. (My Hero Academia)
  7. Are you Nezuko? Because I want to be in your box. (Demon Slayer)
  8. Just say yes and I’ll give you more than seven eurekas. (Eureka Seven)
  9. You remind me of Menma. Because even when I can’t see you, I still feel you inside my heart. (Anohana)
  10. Are you Gaara? Because love is written all over your face. (Naruto)

Best Naruto Anime Pickup Lines

Naruto: I’ve got nine tails, can you handle them all at once?
I give better tongue than Deidera. But you’ll have to see for yourself.

  1. Zabuza: I’m one of the seven swordsmen, wanna be my sheath?
  2. Naruto: I’ve got nine tails, can you handle them all at once?
  3. I give better tongue than Deidera. But you’ll have to see for yourself.
  4. Do you have any Uzumaki in you? Would you like some?
  5. Want to join my harem? I’ll let you be the canon girl.
  6. Are you the Kyo to my Ani?
  7. I’d find all seven dragonballs for you baby, and then some.
  8. Do you have a tampon I can put in my nostril? Because my nose started bleeding when I saw you.
  9. Front Crowd isn’t my strongest style, but I’ve been told I’m a master at breaststroke.

Pickup Lines Inspired By Anime

Anime pickup lines are a clever way to connect with other fans. Who knows? Your favorite anime could even help you fall in love.

  1. Are you Karasuno’s Captain? Because you’re my number one. (Haikyuu)
  2. Orochimaru: Be my vessel, I want to be inside you. (Naruto)
  3. Are you Kikyo? Because I think you shot an arrow through my heart. (Inuyasha)
  4. Are you from dragon ball, because I wanna blow my Picciload in you. (Dragon Ball)
  5. Are you Makise Kurisu? Because I will travel world lines to be with you. (Steins;Gate)
  6. Is your name Cana? Um, Cana call you mine? (Fairy Tail Guild)
  7. Let’s have a future diary. A diary of the future of you and me. (Future Diary)
  8. You’re so sexy and that’s a deadly sin! (The Seven Deadly Sins)
  9. Don’t need to be a phantom thief to steal your heart.
  10. Show me your Bankai, big boy. (Bleach)

Anime Pokemon Pickup Lines for Old School Girl

Pokemon is one of the most trending Japan Anime available. You can go with these Pokemon Pickup Lines which will definitely impress your old school crush.

  1. Is that a Pokeball in your pocket or are you happy to see me?
  2. I’m damn good. Believe it!
  3. Baby ill show you ALL 6 paths!
  4. Kisame: My Samehada has never been this excited.
  5. Is that obelisk in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?
  6. You can be my Henrietta and I will be your Guiseppe.
  7. Everybody calls me shark but you can call me tonight.
  8. I don’t need to use byakugan to see into your heart.

Funny Pick Up Lines

Whether you need a pick up line for your newest valentines or someone you’re already dating, try out the ones below. They’re related to all your favorite animes!

  1. Are you a loli? Because you’re worth going to jail for. (A lolicon)
  2. Are you from Howl’s Moving Castle? Because you take my spirit away. (Howl’s Moving Castle)
  3. I can be the Aizawa to your sleeping bag. (My Hero Academia)
  4. Equivalent exchange. I’ll give you half of my life, so give me half of yours! (Fullmetal Alchemist)
  5. Even if it means risking my existence, I’ll cross different world lines just to find you. (Steins;Gate)
  6. Can I touch your Pikacheeks? (Pokemon)
  7. Better wear my sunglasses because you Meiko my day so bright. (Prison School)
  8. Are you Hiro? Because I want you to be my darling. (Darling in the Franxx)
  9. Are you a death note? Because you make my heart stop. (Death Note)
  10. You’re the kettle to my Todoroki. (My Hero Academia)

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, there are anime pickup lines tailored to Haikyuu, a popular volleyball-themed anime. These lines might reference the characters, their skills, or the competitive spirit of the show. For example, “Are you a setter? Because you set my heart on fire, just like Kageyama sets the perfect toss!”

Anime pickup lines can be used in various settings, such as casual conversations, social gatherings, or online chats, as long as they align with the context and the relationship you have with the person. However, always consider the appropriateness of the situation and the personality of the person you’re trying to impress.

Of course! Hunter x Hunter offers a variety of themes and characters to draw inspiration from. An example of an hxh pickup line could be, “Are you a Nen user? Because you’ve activated my heart, and now I can’t stop thinking about you.”

To use anime pickup lines effectively, consider the context and your crush’s personality. Make sure the line is appropriate and not offensive. Use it as a lighthearted icebreaker, and gauge their response to see if they’re receptive. Remember that humor and sincerity can go a long way in making a connection.

Absolutely! Naruto-inspired pickup lines often draw from the ninja world, the characters’ jutsus, or the deep friendships in the series. For instance, “Are you a ninja? Because you’ve got me caught in your Genjutsu, and I can’t escape your charm.”

Anime pickup lines are clever and often humorous phrases or sentences inspired by characters, themes, or situations from popular anime series. They are used as a fun way to start a conversation or flirt with someone who shares an interest in anime, such as Haikyuu, Naruto, and Hunter x Hunter (hxh).


In 2023, Anime Pickup Lines for Haikyuu, Naruto, and Hunter x Hunter (hxh) continue to be a fun and engaging way for anime fans to connect and flirt with one another. These pickup lines are clever, humorous, and inspired by characters, themes, and situations from the respective anime series. They serve as excellent icebreakers and allow fans of these popular anime to share their passion while also showcasing their creativity. Using Anime Pickup Lines effectively involves considering the context, the personality of the person you’re interested in, and delivering them with sincerity and humor.

While knowing the specific anime series adds an extra layer of appreciation, even those who are not deeply familiar with the shows can still use these lines with some research. The post mentioned that there are over 150 best Anime Pickup Lines related to various anime series, indicating the popularity and diversity of these lines for different interests and tastes. In addition to Haikyuu, Naruto, and Hunter x Hunter, other anime series like Fate, KonoSuba, Tokyo Ghoul, OreGairu (SNAFU Teen Romantic Comedy), and Detective Conan also offer a wealth of inspiration for creating unique pickup lines.

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